Wishing Bad Karma For Casey Anthony?

Will Karma Have A Say In The Casey Anthony Saga? That is the question on the mind of people around the country who happen to believe in karma and also have paid attention to the Casey Anthony trial. It's treading on thin ice for one to wish bad things on another. Unfortunately Caylee's life has ended but her mother will have to live her's with what she knows. Be careful wishing bad Karma on another, that may just be you ensuring your own dose of bad karma.

Karma's Laws - Good Or Bad, She Is Always Around Us

Karma is derived from the word `kri' which means to do. The speech, thought and actions of a person is their karma and this karma which a person performs in their day to day life decides their future. It is not only the present karma which affects their future life but it is the karma of their past life which has an impact on their present life. In other words we can say that as we sow, so we reap. The happiness and the sorrow that we experience in life is the result of our karma. It is believed that the soul is immortal and the body is a temporary residence for the soul when it takes birth on this earth.

What is the law of karma? 

The law of karma is the fact that a human being gets back in this world the same things that he has given to the world through his deeds and actions. It is a fact that nature returns to us the same thing that we give to her which means that our actions and deeds decide our future. But sometimes this factor does not apply .It does not mean that nature is partial and punishes only those whom she dislikes and rewards the person whom she likes. Here the law of karma plays a vital role. If a person’s deeds or action is not good in their present life yet they lead a very happy life does not mean that they will not be affected.

The law of rebirth states that the simple reason that the person was not affected might be that their karma in their previous life was so good that their present actions could not affect this life. But their soul will carry the burden of the present deeds which will affect their next birth. On many occasions we are quite surprised when we see a person who is following all the laws of nature and abiding by humanity suffering throughout their life. This surprises us, but if we delve deep into the matter we have realize that they are suffering for their karma of their previous birth.

Affinity between Nature and Karma

 There is a deep affinity between Nature and the law of karma. It is nature’s theory that a person will get back whatever he gives to nature through his deeds and actions. The time of receiving may vary. This in one way relieves God of the blame that he is partial and rewards those people whom he likes and punishes them whom he dislikes. The whole receiving factor is in the hands of the person himself. If his deeds and actions are good he will lead a happy and fruitful life at present and build a life of happiness for the future, but if his deeds and actions go against the law of nature then he is sowing thorns on the path of his future life.Read more on absolutely free psychic readings

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